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On T12 there is a schoolroom staffed by teachers who are there to help you keep-up with your school and college work. This may involve helping with work set by your teachers, completing coursework assignments, revising for exams or just focussing on topics and subjects that you are interested in. The majority of the teaching in the school is 1:1 and is specific to your individual needs. There are, in addition, regular sessions from the Connexions Service and visiting artists and musicians.

We are open every day (Monday–Friday during term time) for school aged inpatients.

Our teachers can also make links with your home school or college teachers and help plan your return. We can even arrange, with sufficient notice, for you to take your GCSE / A Level exams in hospital, if necessary.

We believe that education is essential to your success and well-being and we want to ensure that you get all the support you need to succeed.

More information about our schools service:

Teachers Elaine, James and Katie
Teachers Elaine, James and Katie says:

Hi Guest.

If you are an inpatient and at school or college please do get in touch or come and visit us in the schoolroom on Ward T12. When you are in the hospital you can have 1:1 tuition in those areas where you need support, or you can work independently on your own school/college work.

If you know that you are coming into hospital please try to bring any books or coursework that you will need and we will work with you to make sure you don’t fall behind with your studies and can take any necessary exams that you have scheduled.

Elaine, James and katie 🙂 

Katie says:

The school room is great. It has amazing Apple Mac computers.