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Welcome to the T11 Schoolroom at UCH!

Did you know that being in school here is a lot of fun? We have very friendly teachers and some fantastic resources (iPads, iPods, laptops, touch screens etc.) to help make learning lively, informative and fun. What’s more we have one of the best views of London!

Whilst here you will be able to work with other children in the schoolroom and join in the many different lessons and activities (literacy, numeracy, art, drama, music etc.) that take place. Teachers and teaching assistants will work with you to help you can keep up with your studies and stay in touch with your home school, friends and family.

Teachers are on the wards everyday (Monday – Friday) during term-time and the schoolroom is open for all long-stay inpatients. Please speak to a member of school staff for more information about opening times.
We look forward to meeting you! 🙂

More information about our schools service:

Teachers Beth and Dominika
Teachers Beth and Dominika says:

Hi Guest,

Come along and join us in the T11 schoolroom. You’ll be able to keep up with your schoolwork, make new friends and take part in lots of fun challenging activities including art, animation, computing, drama and music, to name just a few! You will also be able to have help with your literacy and numeracy work.

If you are an inpatient please do come and visit us when you are next on T11.
We look forward to meeting you.

Beth and Dominika 🙂